Firing up the next level BBG

It’s not that the city girls wouldn’t survive through a long summer in the forest – but Iiris could not stay away from running the sets of her own. So here she is, back in action at our headquaters, saving up any productions missing 1st AD’s at the moment!

Besides saving up the last minute commercial shoots Iiris is sitting long nights with Emma going through the company plan for the coming months. So what are we actually focusing on for the end of the year? 

Emma is slowly but surely getting back to working on films and media full time with us – this means more than one promotional tour and film marketing campaign coming up in the next months. This is what we’ve been planning all along so we could not be more thrilled of getting to work with projects like these at max. Thanks to Mikko and Hanna-Mari who share the marketing field’s workload with Emma, we’re ready to rock’n’roll with bigger things than ever before.

On the other hand Iiris is leading up our production team to work on a larger scale as well. Focusing on production service packages has paid off – our members rarely work alone on any projects. Since this has been the point from the start we consider our work successful so far. 

Even though the future plans are not shaping that clear yet, there are some very obvious points: we want to work even more, bigger, better, faster, stronger. We look forward for new clients and new projects, sequels for anything already started, waking up old ideas, creating new ones and meeting up new potential members to our already amazingly wonderful gang. 

Let’s see what all this means in action. We bet it’ll be great. 

Ps. As you can see from the photos we are also ready to laugh at ourselves when it comes down to it (as it usually does at least in photo shoots).

Founders of the network and the company,

Emma & Iiris 


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