Daily life situations à la Pirkka

We had such a blast teaming up with the Directors Guild team and Director Anssi Määttä while making a series of fun Pirkka commercials. Usually when we are facing a tricky decision our Gang members come to our aid but here’s a another kind of solution!

Client: Kesko päivittäistavarakauppa / Pirkka

Advertising Agency: Wörks Oy

Production Company: Directors Guild

Director: Anssi Määttä

1st Assistant Director: Iiris Juutilainen / Blockbusters Gang

2nd Assistant Director: Paula Haukinen / Blockbusters Gang

Production Assistant: Claudia Fleege / Blockbusters Gang

Here are also few sneak peeks from behind the scenes where our 1st AD Iiris got to rock the vote.

Our 2nd AD Paula got to experience the sandbox. She was buried up to her neck in sand and she still loves her job! We always say you should be prepared for anything when working in this industry. You never know what fun waits around the corner!