Hectic Fall season is fully on and now it’s a perfect time to reveal our new Gang members and also a new partnership – welcome Eveliina, Claudia & Hanna and the lovely @fangirlquest team Satu & Tiia!

Claudia Fleege / NEWCOMER

Production Staff +358 40 0470276

This production talent is already familiar to some of our clients as Claudia has helped them out in their production emergencies within last year. Claudia studies producing in Aalto University, but on the side she’s is ready to help us and our clients out with all the “not too long” productions – we’re more than happy to have Claudia in the Gang!

Eveliina Solja / NEWCOMER 

Production Staff +358 40 2457144

Eveliina first joined our crew as a Sales Intern in Spring 2018 as she was finishing her business studies (while also studying film & tv in Metropolia). Now Eveliina completes our production forces and also helps Emma with all the business stuff from sales to accounting. What a perfect combination! So glad to have this always positive-minded and trustworthy woman as part of our Gang!

Hanna Myllyniemi / JUNIOR MEMBER

Production Intern +358 443000959

We met Hanna last Spring when she got an idea of getting to know this industry better while considering which way to go with her future studies. Bravely enough she immediately joined us to Cannes Film Festival and also experienced the set life from AD departments point of view. So far Hanna hasn’t got enough of the business and wants to lean more, so we are happy to welcome her to our Gang as a Junior member!


Production Assistant / Catering +358 44 5119112

Satu, a travel blogger and co-founder of Fangirl Quest, has more experience from outside of set, but she’s totally taking advantage of all her previous experience and with her warm-hearted and doer attitude she’s becoming a super caterer and learning fast the Production Assistant’s job too! Satu is a gem for us with her motivation to learn more and work hard. Welcome to our extended family Satu!


Social Media / Graphic Design / Photography +358 44 2393937

Tiia is our trusted Photographer already from years back and we are super excited to finally have an official collaboration with her and the travel blog Fangirl Quest she’s co-founded with Satu! Tiia joins our marketing forces with her photography, graphic design and social media skills. She’s full of pure enthusiasm and inspiration that she’s willing to share to all sort of future projects – don’t hesitate to ask if she’s interested! 

Fangirl Quest is a travel blog about film tourism and discovering new and exciting destinations through movies and TV shows. Read more about Fangirls’ adventures and what kind of collaborations they’re up to on their website:

Isn’t that a wonderful bunch of different kinds of talents! With these new Gang members we now have more production and marketing power ready to be released in your film, tv or commercial projects (or almost anything else you can think of). So don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any interesting projects coming up and need some more helping hands in your crew! 

Easiest way to ask for more information or to book any of us is to contact Emma: +358 40 5542086 /

Enjoy the Fall everyone! May it be a busy one in a good way!

Who you gonna call… Blockbusters Gang!