Exploring the Film Festival and making memories

About ten years ago I visited Cannes with my family. I don’t remember much about that trip, but I remember the warm air in my skin and beautiful Riviera by the sea. It will be wonderful to see how it looks today. It must be wonderful to feel the atmosphere of the Cannes Film Festival. See the whole scene, meet people all around the world and experience all that.

For me this trip is much more than just visiting Cannes. For me this project started in January when I started working as Events and Marketing Intern in Blockbusters Gang. I’m a Cultural Management student from Helsinki and this was a wonderful opportunity to see and learn how film marketing works. In the next two weeks I’m going to keep my eyes open and observe everything possible. I have learnt that whatever we do here in Cannes, it’s only the top of the icebergs. There is so much work underwater.

I see my own role as an assistant and supporter. I’m very proud to participate this fine project and I promise to do my best for the customers and workmates too. This will be a trip I hope to remember when I’m getting old.

Happy journey for everyone.


Events and Marketing Intern