February: Focus in the environment

Environmental awareness is one of our company values and we want make it visible and concrete (alongside with all the other values). So during this month we are sharing thoughts and tips related to environmental awareness in the media industry. We know we aren’t a perfect player in this field yet, but we want to show that we are willing to improve our practices. We decided to pay extra attention to environmentally friendly ways of working by sharing our real life experiences and some useful sources we’ve found more information from. This  hopefully sparks a discussion and even inspires some people around us. 

Though the matter is very serious, we hope we can bring some positive energy to the field to motivate ourselves and everyone else to go towards new, more planet friendly habits. 

For a starter, you can read our office’s green guidelines, published on our website just last week. To see all our campaign posts, follow us on instagram -> @blockbustersgang! 

Have an amazing February and give the environment a thought every once in a while!

Ps. The beautiful model in the picture is Visa, our precious office plant.