Rushing from meetings to meetings, exchanging party invitations, drinking a bit too many cappuccinos and always being ready to hand a business card after a quick chat with a new face. That’s what Berlinale and EFM have been so far.

MGB – the festival market here, is buzzing from festival action and is filled with so many movie stands and film organisation booths that it’s almost overwhelming. Seeing how many films are being made all the time and new companies built, not only is soothing for a newbie in the industry to know there’s always projects in the making, but it gives you a spark to do more and work harder.

Besides Berlinale having all the people from the industry you could ever wish to meet, everybody is connecting with each other all the time. Even the Finns that typically are a bit hard to socialize with. Good example being the first time we got on a festival shuttle, even though the ride takes just a couple of minutes, again there was time to meet a new face and, of course swap business cards.

At the moment flipping through Dailies – the official festival editions of Variety, Screen International and The Hollywood Reporter, at the Café Central and we still have the Scandinavian reception and the Finnish party ahead of us today. Tomorrow morning, we start the day again by roaming in the market – find us there!

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