Garden of success

Thoughts from the annual company development weeks in US Dec 2016 – Jan 2017

The core meaning of a business is to be successful, profitable. It doesn’t mean being greedy, but keeping the business running and the salaries paid. If the costs grow bigger than the revenue – well, it will be the end of that business. We want to keep Blockbusters Gang running and growing, so that we are able to pay salaries for even more and to give our freelancers the opportunity to work in their own industry, doing what they do the best. 

The garden of Getty Museum is flourishing despite the cool January weather. Walking through the colourful garden made us think about how our business could flourish in the same way, also in the more challenging times. How can we take the right risks to grow and make the business function better, but without being ran over the challenges the of the economy and industry?

Cactus survives in desert almost without any water, thanks to the evolution of who knows how many years. We don’t have that many years to react to the changes of the environment, so we need flexibility and light administration structure, and the ability to keep on top things all times. It’s important to analyse the past and forecast the future – happily that’s what we love to do and are doing here on this trip even more than average! After the walk in the beautiful garden, it’s nice to get back to those excels again!


CEO, Head of Marketing

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