Wonders of the World

Thoughts from the annual company development weeks in US Dec 2016 – Jan 2017

After waving goodbye to the West Coast we said hello to New York – a city that has been something spectacular for me already for some time. I travelled here for the first time in October 2015 while writing blog posts of my trip to Finnair.

As you can read from my texts I fell in love. Big time.

“Even though it’s my first time here, the city instantly felt like home. New York greeted me with its peaceful pulse and broad streets. Although the place seems to just go on and on in each direction, with an endless array of new neighbourhoods, it still makes me feel very on top of things. It’s strange to walk around in a new, huge city without ever feeling lost. Its constant electricity is like a well-known bassline in my favorite club.”

This time NYC was something more. As a big cliché it was full of possibilities. Meetings. Conversations. Hellos – but no goodbyes, see you agains instead. 

“The industrial-like area of Dumbo has enchanted me. I stare at Manhattan Bridge with my ears humming from the noise of trains. I can’t help but wonder: would any other city have such a personality as this? Matte grey, metallic copper, shining black and bright turquoise create a visually perfect look for me. Actually, I find myself thinking that building a home to a place like this would not be a bad (or even crazy) idea at all. Maybe Woody’s legacy for this place could be a new-generation assistant director from Finland.”

Let this short post share my attitude for the coming year: many wonders are coming – I’m sure. 



1st Assistant Director / COO, Head of Production

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