Happy Entrepreneur’s Day!

Here are our CEO & Co-Founder Emma’s thoughts on the national Entrepreneur’s Day in Finland.

This year, for the first time, me and Iiris are officially celebrating Entrepreneur’s day as small enterprise owners (instead of micro-enterprise owners)! According to the Finnish Accounting Act, a business is a small enterprise if it has more than 10 employees and over 700 000€ revenue per year during the last two financial years. Although COVID hit Blockbusters Gang’s growth and revenue pretty hard, we still managed to keep the business big enough to reach this milestone – something to celebrate and to be very proud of! 

I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur for 5 years now. It’s been quite a journey with ups and downs (usually both daily), but I think there couldn’t have been any other path that would’ve taught me so much, starting from all kinds of regulations to people skills and ability to give 100% to something and let it go in a blink of an eye.

Few positive things I want to highlight in being an entrepreneur:

  • Going to work is never boring
  • Ability to make a difference both with the business and as an individual
  • Freedom in decision making
  • Having the best team to work with 
  • Possibilities

And some random myths to be busted:

  • You can choose when and how much you work —> You work when your clients and employees need you to work. Or bear the consequences.
  • You get rich —> So far I’m pretty certain I would’ve made more money by working all these hours for someone else. 
  • The more employees the less you need to work yourself —> Employees need briefing and supervision, they get sick, you need to recruit extra workforce and handle lay-offs in the busy and less busy times – to mention some of the tasks. There’s no easy way to get all lazy.

All this is obviously based on my experience and something not to take too seriously. Feel free to disagree!

If anyone in my network wants to chat about being an entrepreneur or wanting to become one, I’m always happy to share my experiences and the knowledge I’ve gained so far! Also, I’d love to hear other entrepreneurs’ stories and best tips..!

Happy Entrepreneur’s Day!

Best wishes,


Gang CEO & Co-Founder