Internship – Gang Social Media and Content Creation Intern, Ellis

My name is Ella-Roosa, but almost everyone who knows me, calls me Ellis. I am a third and last-year Hospitality Management student from Espoo. In addition to studying, I work in Alko, so I know quite a lot about wines. I enjoy taking walks in nature with my dogs in my free time, going to the gym, taking beautiful nature photos, and singing. Sometimes I also play the piano.

I started as a Gang Social Media & Content Creation Intern at Blockbusters Gang on the 1st day of March. My first day at BBG was an intensive orientation day, as on the very second day, I joined the filming of a new Finnish TV series. It was exciting to get involved in the industry right away! I have always been interested in this industry and wanted to see how TV series and movies are made.

This internship was originally supposed to include mainly taking pictures in various TV and film productions where BBG’s Members are working. However, due to the prevailing pandemic situation, my job description has changed a bit. The restrictions imposed by the pandemic prevented the opportunity to participate in most of the filmings, so now, I’ve been working primarily in producing written content and assisting with office work.

I have liked my job here a lot, which has even led me to consider making a career as a content producer. These three months have included maintaining BBG’s social media accounts, content creation, and familiarization with the industry and industry practices. I have also learned a little about accounting, and other helpful things. Besides learning many new things, maintaining social media accounts in English has awakened my English language skills, which I haven’t actively needed for a while!

The time at BBG has gone incredibly fast, with only two days left! I’m so excited about the several new skills I have gained from this internship, and it has been a pleasure to work with great colleagues! However, in a couple of days, I will be heading towards new challenges. I hope all of you have a very relaxing summer!

Best regards,


BBG’s Gang Social Media & Content Creation Intern