HasBeen season 2 coming soon!

It’s here!

HasBeen season 2 trailer is now available and new episodes will start airing in 15.6. We provided production services to this incredible and very dear project that had such an amazing cast and crew. While having fun on the set we also got to jam to some great music as well, so make sure to tune in when season 2 kicks off!

You can watch the episodes at Yle Areena

Production Company: Welhofilmi

Director: Oskari Sipola

Production Manager: Julia Salmenoja /Blockbusters Gang

Production Assistant/ Runner: Aija Ronkainen /Blockbusters Gang

Director’s Assistant: Luisa Zabel /Blockbusters Gang Assistant

Location Manager (March) and Location Manager (April): Antti Lammi /Blockbusters Gang

Location Assistant (April): Pepe Uimonen /Blockbusters Gang

Catering Assistant: Eveliina Solja /Blockbusters Gang