Kinos Housewarming Party

Last friday we had a blast at Kinos Rentals Housewarming Party! Our BBG event team, Paula Haukinen as a Production Manager and Saana Isometsä & Mimi Bourgeot as Hosts, worked cheerfully and made sure everything ran smoothly.

All photos by Vessi Hämäläinen

Hopefully all the guests and the Kinos family enjoyed the party, we surely did! Here are few pictures from the amazing night.

The Kinos’ new place is located in central Helsinki, by the sea in the historic Henry Ford building. At the Housewarming party, we got to explore the venue and also check out the surrounding areas.

Emma got to see a lot of different equipments and tools that Kinos offers while mingling and enjoying the party. Here we have a quick lesson about Anamorphic lenses.

There was also a very cool Art Deco inspired booking office where you could just relax during the party.

Blockbusters Gang hoodie spotted – looking good!

Such a wonderful evening and definitely a night to remember!