I’m making my final film at uni!

Last year at uni, last time calling myself a student, last opportunity to make something truly amazing before going out into the big great world of filmmaking as a graduate from University of Greenwich. Also, first time for me making a short film set in the history of my home country, first time working with these talented and passionate people as a crew. Who knows how many “first times” this film is going to get us.

“Voice of the Nation” is our final film we make at uni and also our first film we present together to the world when we leave. We are a group of 10 people, all in their individual roles, bringing this story to life. Our film is set in Berlin in the 80s. It follows the story of three filmmakers who make films with an anti communist message. One day they find themselves on the other side of the wall in a Stasi prison. They are each given a choice: prison, or freedom in the East, on the condition they create propaganda films for the German Democratic Republic.

Growing up in Germany, this project is very close to my home countries and families history. We have been on a location recce in November and have the chance to film in many original locations in Berlin. We are overwhelmed and thankful for all the support we have been getting! We are currently casting the actors in London as well as Berlin and we will film in Berlin right after the Film Festivals there. 3rd year at uni is stressful, but it’s nice stress as we can see constant development and improvement. I’m very excited for you all to see the film when it is finished!

Support our film on Indiegogo! Become part of the team and come to Berlin with us or we  will bring you some souvenirs! Check out all the stuff you can get and watch our trailer here on our Indiegogo-page: https://igg.me/at/votnfilm/x/3449532

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