Business solid as the Vasquez rocks

Thoughts from the annual company development weeks in US Dec 2016 – Jan 2017

The 2-week company development meeting has kicked off in Los Angeles after the long flight over the Atlantic. On our first day we met the most amazing editor Damon Yoches and his fellow Libby the dog, who took us to a popular filming location called Vasquez Rocks. These rocks have been seen in countless movies, tv shows and commercial through decades – and they are not losing their glory. 

Walking in this familiar scenery made us think about the solidness of the Vasquez rocks in entertainment business. These rocks have a distinctive look but still they work in different kinds of stories all over and over again. They are recognisable yet versatile enough. We want to make Blockbusters Gang at least as solid as a rock. What makes us enough distinctive and versatile? How to build a business strategy that makes the business last decades? What should the short term goals be? Something to think about while building up the business plan for the year 2017..!


CEO, Head of Marketing

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