Rebels with a cause

Thoughts from the annual company development weeks in US Dec 2016 – Jan 2017

Specially as a young woman working in film industry you have a first row seat to follow what’s not working in the system of producing films. There are multiple different ways to respond to it. We’ve tried our best to find solutions and create something new without blaming or complaining. 

Blockbusters Gang was formed to employ people, unite them and create possibilities to learn more. This is something we come back to every single year. As our activity has only grown and expanded during our operating time we’ve had to take many risks. Some things we’ve found to be genius ideas that work perfectly – and some have turned out to be unnecessary or too heavy in the end. Our members have gone through many different systems trying to find out how our connections would be the most efficient. We hope they are as pleased as we are when starting to find things that fit our needs. 

Since Blockbusters Gang is not a production company but focuses on different production and marketing services we still have not found the exact same company model in the industry. We like being pioneers – but admit it’s a lot of work. Luckily we’ve found there is a cause and felt like we have done something to respond to it. 

As we and the network get older we’re more and more satisfied of the way we started forming it. We feel we’re working together with people in the industry to form the younger generation to develop this business to a direction we’re all happy with. We feel there are even more gifted and talented folks coming in. And we surely enjoy this ride.


1st Assistant Director / COO, Head of Production

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Ps. All pictures are from Griffith Observatory (my all time favourite location) which has a monument for Rebel Without a Cause filmed in the Observatory in 1955.