We, Blockbusters Gang aka “BBG” are a staffing company formed by a network of freelancers focused on media industry productions. Main goal of our company is to ease the employment of our team and recruiting process of our clients – mainly production companies with film-, TV- and commercial projects. Most jobs in the industry are project based and recruiting happens through already established networks and connections. We aim to bring an easy and well-functioning solution for everyone – members to get more work and clients to find more professional workers when in need. We want to offer quality service and talented workers sharing the same values as us, willing to develop themselves and their skills even further.

We’ve established the concept in 2014. Through the years we’ve worked on hundreds of productions and had over 100 people on our payroll. Currently we have 36 permanent team members and pay salaries up to 50 workers per month. Especially we’re known of constantly finding new talents and training newcomers to work in productions and master the skills needed in the field. Our dream has been to build a functioning networking model to film and TV industry in Finland to enable finding specific workers to any production more efficiently and create a good base for additional hands-on training outside the main schools. Within the last year 2019 we established our BBG Junior Program which has already run for two 6-month editions pro bono by our team. Besides that we’ve been training rookie filmmakers at different schools, including Aalto University of Art and Design / ELO Film School Helsinki. We believe sharing our knowledge will lead to a better functioning industry and want to be part of taking it to the next level. It’s been especially important for us to have been able to form a safe and supportive community for freelancers in their constantly changing jobs and productions. With our work we won the Industry Support Award at Red Carpet Film Festival Gala last year – and we’re still incredibly proud and happy about it!

Now after the Corona Virus has arrived aggressively to the Nordics our future is at risk. The more our clients cancel or postpone their productions the less money we have to keep our operations running. Already within the last week we’ve realised the situation is serious.

This led us to publish our own support campaign for our concept and gang allowing anyone who has a chance and will to support our possibilities to continue our work in the future. Through the campaign you can buy support packages including BBG merchandise or training and consulting sessions by our team. And clients – we still also offer all our main services as usual!

All packages contain the information of the delivery times in their description. All your support helps us to get through this difficult phase. We’ve got the willpower needed – now we are asking for your support! Please know we also highly value sharing of this page and our campaign – it’s as needed as purchasing any of the support packages.

Scroll through our support packages here.

Read more of our work here. 

With the biggest gratitude and lots of love on behalf of our whole crew,

Emma and Iiris

Founders and owners of the network