Experience full of excitement

Looking couple weeks back to our Junior Program’s 2nd edition graduation – with a post by our lovely Office Intern Venla!

I’m Venla Heiniö and I am an Office Intern in Blockbusters Gang. I graduated on 29th February from Junior Program 2019 Fall edition. In this post you can find some pictures of the graduation celebration held at Blockbusters Gang’s office on Saturday!

My journey at the Junior Program was a little different compared to other juniors. Everything started from my friend introducing me to Blockbusters Gang. I contacted Emma Ilves and Iiris Juutilainen, informing that I would be interested to work with them. They invited me to their office and after we had gotten to know each other, I was offered a place from the Junior Program. So I started on the Program, a couple months later than the other juniors. I was warmly welcomed and since then I have been a part of this network.

The program consisted of visits to different companies of film and TV industry, such as Yellow Film & TV and Angel Films, and lectures that were held by the Gang Members and people other filmmakers outside of the company. In my opinion nothing else is more interesting way to learn than listening to people passionate towards their career, telling about their experiences and most important life lessons. For example the lecture of Pessi Levanto, one of the top Finnish film score Composers didn’t feel like a lecture. That’s what I like about Blockbusters Gang: we learn by listening, discussing and experiencing. This is something you can not learn from books. For the past four months I have felt almost like exploding from the amount of knowledge I have gained. But that is only a sign for that there has been a lot to learn. All this has led to the point where I have now become a member of the Blockbusters’ Office Gang. The learning still continues and I am more than excited about the future here.

Ps. All photos are by lovely Neea Havu, our Production Assistant (also a Photographer).