The COVID-19 Survival Pack for BBG

A few days ago, the amazing leading women from Blockbusters Gang (my agency for all the jobs & gigs in the film industry and more) messaged me asking if I have time for a few designs. I said yes, assuming it was going to be an hour’s job, tops, an illustration for a newsletter or somesuch. What it actually turned out to be was this incredible crisis-battling group effort, putting together a support campaign for the company’s uncertain times amidst the Corona outbreak. In our team chat, we quickly chatted through several things at once: which products could we offer to the supporters? Which designs, types of clothing, immaterial packages could we include, and how were they going to sell them? And so on.

Then, I started designing. I tried simple logos and typography based catchphrases first, but everything looked *so bad*. So I grabbed my iPad, opened Procreate and started doodling. The vintage text design came first. Then Iiris’ Movie Magic online course logo. After that, a whole family of team members in an illustration. The team loved all of it and cheered me on. I thought I was going to be overwhelmed with the work, but man, I don’t ever think I’ll get overwhelmed with anything drawing-related. I’ve done it since before I could read, after all.

Soon, we had a full set of designs and a firm plan for the products: shirts, hoodies, canvas bags. Very basic, but ecological (since PureWaste is the source!).

While I was drawing, Iiris & her trusty team worked on the copy, put up the shop page, discussed details.

And here it is. The Blockbusters Gang Support Campaign of 2020. A big effort from a small but super capable team to keep an important part of the Finnish film industry afloat during these horrible times. I know not many of you are fully aware of what BBG does or the struggle the film industry is currently going through everywhere (do check out both, because wow), but I’m sharing the link to the campaign in the hopes that you’ll like the designs enough or want to support a group of fantastic people, just because!

Campaign page:


Loved this project. Very rewarding… aside from definitely keeping my mind off all the things going on in the world right now 💗

– Tiia

Photographer & Visual Designer