Lecture about film composing

Finnish Film Composer Pessi Levanto came to BBG office and gave us a great lecture about film & tv composing. His recent works include: Se mieletön remppa and Psychosia and Swingers. I think the lecture was interesting, informative and yet very casual! We went through the different stages of the scoring process from start all the way to wrapping, and we also talked about how to brainstorm with director and editing .

Movie composition was not a familiar job to me and I learned a lot about it. For example that for a full-length movie you need only 40 minutes music! I found it funny to hear, because there is always some music playing background in the movies and I thought there was a lot more it.

Pessi also talked a lot about important things and thoughts about working in the industry like the importance of being kind and respecting others. He also shared a couple stories about networking and helping your co-workers. I liked his lecturing style and and that we had a lot conversations.

Pessi showed us an online system he uses in his projects and we got to know a bit about how it works. We spoke generally about movie music and discussed about good Composers and productions with good music.

Even Mökö was focused in listening to this interesting lecture.


BBG’s Junior Program Fall 2019