Trust your own taste

Hienostelijat’ commercials were filmed one autumn night in September.

BBG casted extras and our Juniors Annina and Sanna got opportunity to be part of the casting process. Our member Paula was 1st Assistant Director and our Janne and Pia were her 2nd ADs.

Client: S-Ravintolat

Production: Hienostelijat

Director: Anssi Määttä

Agency: Folk Finland

Extras Casting: Blockbusters Gang (Pia Nurmi, Tanja Lilja, Annina Juuso, Sanna Hanén)

1st AD: Paula Haukinen / Blockbusters Gang

2nd AD: Janne Lähteenmäki / Blockbusters Gang

2nd AD: Pia Nurmi / Blockbusters Gang