Let us introduce you the very first BBG Junior Program!

BBG Junior Program is a 6-month program in which 10 participants are learning more of filmmaking by attending different lectures and coaching sessions, visits to multiple production houses and working part-time as interns with the Gang.

Each participant gets to focus on a specific area of production or gather knowledge overall in projects and departments during this time. All participants attend 10 + lectures of a production process, work safety and basic duties of assistant in the field.

Besides these, they’ll be joining our teams for approx. 5-10 days in our office and 5-10 days in film / commercial / TV shoots (some of them even more).

All participants are between ages of 18-28 and come from multiple different backgrounds (as do we). We’re trying to take their different starting points into account the best possible way so that we can offer a personalized learning experience for each of them. The purpose of our program is to prepare participants for a full-time, more challenging internship or for assisting tasks in the industry. Hopefully, after the program, we’ll have many proficient assistants to add to our gang!

After the pilot version of the program started on this January participants have learned things such as the life cycle of a film and commercial productions, practiced using walkies, understanding safety with electricity, and key points of working laws and contracts. Besides these, some of the Juniors have dived in the basic processes of casting and accounting. Couple of them have been helping in the AD department in the shootings already as well. We’ll keep you posted of their progress in the coming months!

Get a little closer look to these industry rookies from down below!

Viola Lydman

Tanja Lilja

Anttoni Lajoma

Outi Reinikainen

Charlotta Jalava

Roope Jääskeläinen

Senni Hautala

Anzela Mojaeva

Neea Havu

Janne Lähteenmäki

BBG Juniors are also present on our webpage now.