Making Berlin personal

Berlinale & EFM have a special place in my heart – not only this is the first film market I ever went to, but also has a certain atmosphere that I love. Martin Gropius Bau might be my favourite ever venue to have an event like this. And the bear – I adore bears. This makes me buy some Berlinale-merchandise every year. This time I’m probably going home with all of the posters available.

I’ve had a tradition of buying flight tickets to some destination in Europe to my parents at Christmas. These have taken them to Paris, Prague and Copenhagen earlier. This year I wanted to join them. Berlin made it possible – I’d be here anyway. So before the holidays I bought flights not only for me but for my mom and dad, and later to my brother, and then to Aino as well (yes you could say I got a bit excited here).

So – it’s not just my film family here now but the biological family as well. Feels like home! Feels amazing!

On Saturday they got a small bit of the festival buzz on the Mirror Restaurant next to MGB and on Sunday me and Luisa took our parents for coffee and ice cream together. Now I’m back home in Helsinki thinking no one should never grow too old to hang with their parents and include them to their lifes. 

Forever thinking my parents are the best people in the world,


1st Assistant Director / COO, Head of Production


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