Neea’s summer 2020 at feature film production Luokkakokous 3

During 2020 I gained more knowledge and experience from the film industry and I developed as an employee. In fall and spring I spent most of my time at school studying cultural management. Three months of summer holiday from studies made it possible for me to take part in feature film production. And so all those three months were filled with work. The desire to get to work in the field was so strong that letting go of the summer holiday didn’t feel that bad.

It wasn’t granted that you could find a job with the COVID pandemic shaking up the industry and our daily lives generally. I’m thankful for being a member of Blockbusters Gang and for my network in the industry. Through Blockbusters Gang I was offered a job for summer in a Solar Films’ feature film production Luokkakokous 3 – Sinkkuristeily.

Photo: Juho Korpela

In pre-production, I worked in the production department as a Production Assistant. I moved into the assistant directing team in the role of 3rd Assistant Director as the shooting period began. During the shoot, my job included taking care of the actors and extras, for example. I was given new kinds of assignments and more responsibility compared to my previous productions. I have a huge motivation to develop my skills to be better when working towards my dreams. Besides studying the film industry, the work experience is also very beneficial. In this production, I learned many new things that wouldn’t have been possible to learn by reading a book. For example, stress management is a skill needed in the film industry, and the best way to train it is through working at the film shoot. Confidence in my skills kept growing.

The summer went by quickly while working. Luokkakokous 3 was such an amazing production. The film was produced in a professional and passionate manner. All the departments worked well together to reach their shared goal. The shooting went well although there were challenges such as the COVID pandemic. I’m looking forward to seeing the end result on the big screen in the spring.

As one more positive thing that I’d like to mention was our crew. The atmosphere at work was wonderful. I learnt a lot from my colleagues during the summer, both about the film industry and life in general. The work days went on well and the long shoot days didn’t feel too challenging either, thanks to the wonderful crew around us. I’m thankful that I had a chance to be a part of this production and its crew.

Neea and Luokkakokous 3 Hygiene Manager Ellen Sallankivi. Photo: Juho Korpela

Now in 2021, I’m looking back to the summer of 2020 and the work at Luokkakokous 3 with only warm thoughts. When you’ve found your perfect industry and job, you can really enjoy working. My experience in Luokkakokous 3 made me more confident that I’m going in the right direction. Of these good memories, it is great to continue further in the year 2021.

With warm regards,

Neea Havu