Night of the Living Dicks premieres at Tampere Film Festival

Night of the Living Dicks has been released at Tampere Film Festival today and is visible in Finland until Sunday 14th March! This short film is something we’ve eagerly been waiting for, as quite a big bunch of us got to be part of the production last year – and also because of the very distinctive name and story. Who wouldn’t be interested in finding out what the film’s about?

Production Companies: Bufo & Beofilm

Director: Ilja Rautsi / Blockbusters Gang

Production Manager: Pauliina Piipponen / Blockbusters Gang

1st Assistant Director: Iiris Juutilainen / Blockbusters Gang

2nd Assistant Director: Aino Niemi / Blockbusters Gang

3rd Assistant Director: Janne Lähteenmäki / Blockbusters Gang

AD- and Production Assistant: Anniina Juuso / Blockbusters Gang

Additional Production Assistant: Tanja Lilja / Blockbusters Gang

Catering Assistant: Vanessa Yilmaz / Blockbusters Gang

Set Runner: Emma Heikkilä / Blockbusters Gang

Runner: Venla Heiniö / Blockbusters Gang

Locations Assistant: Rebecca Kurten / Blockbusters Gang

Locations Assistant: Charlotta Jalava / Blockbusters Gang

Production Design Trainee: Valtteri Voutilainen / Blockbusters Gang

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