Only warm memories of this project” – Pohjolan Enkeli

Pohjolan Enkeli is a documentary about Hugo Simberg’s famous painting “Haavoittunut Enkeli”. it’s directed by Jean Michel Roux and produced by Making Movies. 

Production Company: Making Movies Oy

Director: Jean Michel Roux

Production Manager: Minna Valjanen / Blockbusters Gang 

Our Minna Valjanen, who was the Production Manager of Pohjolan Enkeli, says this project was one of the most interesting and exquisite ones she’s been involved in, and that she has only warm memories of the whole production time.

The film was shot during year 2016 and the beginning of 2017, and in this November it will have it’s theatrical release. 

It’s been astonishing to see how Minna has steadily been moving up on her career ladder, all thanks to hard work, her one of a kind golden attitude, and mostly hard work. Pohjolan Enkeli was Minna’s first full length documentary in position of Production Manager and – according to what the little birds sing – she nailed it. We are super thrilled to see this feature on the big screen after everything we’ve heard from Minna and after seeing this trailer – looks pretty amazing.

check out the trailer yourself and find the full film in theaters in soon!