New trailers and teasers released!

Some features releasing trailers and teasers: Veljeni vartija by Helsinki-filmi and The Violin Player / Viulisti by MJÖLK Oy!

Helsinki-filmi’s Veljeni vartija will premiere in January in Finland.

Teaser trailer looks good – are we excited or what!

Production Company: Helsinki-filmi

Director: JP Siili

Script Supervisor: Maiju Niemelä / Blockbusters Gang

1st Assistant Director on Spring 2017 shoot: Iiris Juutilainen / Blockbusters Gang

Premiering in January in Finland as well: The Violin Player / Viulisti by MJÖLK Oy.

The trailer looks stunning – we’re eagerly waiting to see the film in couple of months.

Production Company: Mjölk Movies

Director: Paavo Westerberg

Video Assistant / Data Wrangler: Reetta Somppi / Blockbusters Gang