Our little passion project: Unknown REDUX

This project we enjoyed a lot – Unknown REDUX (Tuntematon REDUX) is a short film by Anssi Määttä and Antti Tuominen, a wild scifi adaptation of the Unknown Soldier that is a classic piece here in Finland. It was a few months ago that we first found out about this project and immediately loved it.

We wanted to go all in and help the guys to complete their wild vision by offering our production and marketing services and some equipment too. Now we can say that all the work payed off – we are very happy to see the result and how people have been racting to it! Episodi magazine even compared it to Mad Max and Blade Runner, pretty cool. 

Below we’ve gathered some making of photos from the shoots in beautiful but challenging swamp, but first, take a look at the film here! 

Unknown REDUX in the making! Photos from film shoot in Torronsuo National Park in September 2017. Though both the swamp and weather were cold and wet, memories are purely warm!

Tuntematon REDUX Director: Anssi Määttä

Scriptwriter: Antti Tuominen

1st Assistant Director: Iiris Juutilainen / Blockbusters Gang

2nd Assistant Director: Aino Niemi / Blockbusters Gang

Production Assistant: Jenni Pulli / Blockbusters Gang

2nd Camera Assistant: Reetta Somppi / Blockbusters Gang

Lighting Technician: Rosa Mäkinen / Blockbusters Gang

Marketing: Emma Ilves & Jenni Pulli / Blockbusters Gang